Mats 16


Led 6,5W 844lm 3000K
Leveys   160 mm
Korkeus 160 mm
Syvyys    76 mm
Paino       0,6 kg

Värit valkoinen,musta ja hiekka.
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Mats 16 x 16 seinävalaisinjärjestelmä, jossa on COB LED
Maalattua metallirunkoa saatavana kahdessa koossa,
pintakäsittelyt: valkoinen, musta ja hiekka. Johdotus
lisävaruste, joka mahdollistaa useamman yksikön kytkemisen
yhden kaapelin pistorasiaan sisältyy toimitukseen.

MATS asennus

Mats Indirect/diffused light wall lamp with painted metal structure and built-in driver.
The COB LED light source is protected by an opal polycarbonate screen which
guarantees a diffused and pleasant indirect light.
.01 White.02 Black.35 Sand painted.85 Silver painted.86 Gold painted.
87 Copper painted.88 Bronze painted
The lamp is designed for pass-through wiring that allows multiple fixtures to be
placed alongside each other starting from a single electrical connection point
on the wall. The system does not require the installation of components into the wall.
MATS is supplied with a template to facilitate assembly.The pure geometric shape
makes it suitable for installation as a single indirect light lamp or in compositions of
several elements in various solutions that create a play of light and volumes on the wall.
A new light that becomes decoration and finds multiple locations from the wall of a room
in a home to the fattening of a hotel lobby or a large area of ​​an office or a public place.