Alea led


  • Egoluce seinävalaisin
  • Led 6,5 W 3000K 1011 lm
  • Saatavana myös 2700 K ja 4000 K
  • Syvyys   112 mm
  • Leveys   110 mm
  • Paino      0,5 Kg




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Alea Egoluce designvalaisin epäsuoraa valoa eteiseen,olohuoneeseen tai portaisiin.
Ylös ja alas valoa antava seinävalaisin voidaan asentaa myös kattoon.

Alea led asennus

Alea Wall lamp with direct and indirect light. The LED version of one of the most classic EGOLUCE models.
The dimensions are the same but the choice of the new technology required a complete restyling of
the model, improving the aesthetic and light emission components, offering a wider choice of finishes.
The external and internal body are made of CNC machined aluminum. The coupling allows you to
create a space for positioning the COB LED module, the housing of the driver and to ensure proper dissipation.
The fixing system of the magnet frames is maintained, which allows their practical replacement,
transforming the lamp from bi-emission to mono-emission.

  • .01 White
  • .01.11 Out White / in pink
  • .01.30 Out White / in silver leaf
  • .02.01 Out black / in white
  • .02.29 Out black / in gold leaf
  • .25.01 Out gold satin / in white
  • .31.01 Out chromed / in white
  • .35 Painted sand finishing

The essential line of Alea allows it to be inserted in classic environments as well as in modern ones,
in residential and commercial spaces.