Multipower Driver Tci


  • Led driver 350 mA
  • In 240 V
  • Out 60 mA- 360 mA 45V
  • Pituus         11,1 mm
  • Leveys       34 mm
  • Korkeus    19 mm
  • Paino        0,06 kg
  • IP 20
  • Ei himmennettävä


Varastossa (voidaan jälkitoimittaa)


Monitehoinen tasavirtalähde, jossa on dippikytkin lähtövirran valintaa varten ja aktiivinen
PFC. IP20-luokan itsenäinen virtalähde, sisäkäyttöön.


Multi-power DC power supply equipped with dip-switch for selecting the output current and with active
PFC. IP20 independent power supply, for indoor use.

Protected in class II against electric shocks for direct and indirect contacts.

Supplied with terminal cover and cable clamp. Opposite input and output terminals (cable section up to 2.5 mm2 / AWG13).
Single terminal block on primary and secondary. Cable clamp on primary and secondary for cables with diameter:
min. 3 mm – max. 8 mm. Fixing the power supply with slots for screws.


  • thermal and short circuit
  • against mains extra-voltages
  • against overloads
  • Regulated current ± 5% including thermal variations
  • Thermal protection = C.5.a.