Alcor Maxi rgb led kristalli


  • Upotettava ledvalaisin Alcor maxi rgb
  • LED 3 x 250mA
  • Valonväri rgb
  • Asennusreikä              30 mm
  • Halkaisija                     40 mm
  • Upotus syvyys minimi 80 mm
  • Korkeus kristalli           30 mm

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Alcor maxi rgb led kristalli IP 44

Maxi rgb asennus

RGB IP44 recessed spotlight with hand-ground lead crystal diffuser, chromed aluminum flange,
anodized aluminum heatsink and 30 cm cable.

The different facets, linked to the type of processing, create surprising plays of light and make
each single product unique and unrepeatable.

Alcor Maxi RGB combines the magic of crystal with the surprise of the color of
light that changes, transforming the perception of the space in which it is used.

The spotlight can be mounted directly on plasterboard with the supplied spring
or installed in masonry using the formwork that can be ordered separately.

Alcor Maxi RGB is part of the Egoluce crystals collection. The crystal, the size
and the degree of protection make them suitable for both public and private places.
They can be used in groups to create striking decorative solutions such as starry
skies or installed individually as small diamonds of light.

The operation of the spotlight requires the use of a power supply and a control unit
to be ordered separately. Color change control can be done with a PUSH switch or
via a remote control.




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